A girl comes from Taiwan, and falls in love with yoga.

I never know yoga can change my life, makes me become a positive person. I can feel how different with my body through every practice, that is so happy and cheerful!

Do you have any experience when you face something you could not handle and you don't know how to do? Yes, I do! But I will tell myself just stay for a moment, and listen to my heartbeat, then take few deep breath, after that listen to my heartbeat once again, does it become smooth and gentle? Yes! it does. Then close my eyes to move everything to my mind and focus, you never know that feeling just like a magic, like a clear picture in front of you. I finally know how to do, where to go, no need to worry, because inside of you will guide you the way out.  

Tara & Mike always say: Move with ease! Breath all the time, every body is different, and we will help people to find their way to move comfortable.  

I studied restorative yoga, massage with Leza Lowitz and ultimately received a second yoga certification in NYC with Tara Stiles & Mike Taylor. I will continue sharing everything and tell you how to use your mind to control your body, and everything from here is bigger and bigger like life, just be yourself!


Yoga just like art, your body changes everyday, when you feel happy and your body also feels happy.

I love to play with yoga every single day, I enjoy every moment with my body.

I love to connect with my body, my mind, my soul.

That’s the most beautiful thing in the world.

You can dance, sing, act everything you like with your body.

Enjoy! Life just like art, and your are the artist.

Eat Well

I love all kinds of food.

I eat colorful, makes me happy and healthy.

Fay kitchen open every day, welcome to my kitchen!

Friends + Life

Friends! You change my life, we create many happy things together.

My life is fabulous because you.