Liz, she is a lovely & beautiful girl. We met at Strala in NYC, and we liked to chat with each others.

When i planed to start my website, she told me why wait for? After half month, I officially opened it, and Liz told me that is sad, because she didn't show up our strala dinner party photo, I promised that I will let her see someday. And now, here is Liz!

One day, I met her at strala, and that day was a beautiful sunny day in spring, Liz asked me if I would like to go outside and take some pictures with her, I said: YES! And we started our little and sweet date, and the spot which we call our spot is Union square, in fact I said: we will go to “Union park” on that day, and Liz told me nobody call like that, usually people say Union square. We had a very relax afternoon, and enjoyed the sunshine, did some yoga and took photos. I miss Liz a lot…