I have a very special experience recently and never have before, there was a 3 years old little girl teared in my class, that was almost going to Savasana, the last 2 songs, her mom had found this, and asked why you are crying? In face, she didn't cry, no one hear that, she just full of tears on her face, I asked her: does this song too sad so you cry? She didn't response. I think that should be one of the reasons, when I choose this song to me playlist, I just be touched by this song, so that is why I like it. 

When I practice yoga, I like to create my own playlist, it is unique! I choose songs which really let me feel something, touch me.. and I can get connected the music when I practice with my body my soul, that's amazing and beautiful! 

Why not make your own playlist now? Have fun and enjoy!